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Gamers United - Map Announcement!!

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    Default Gamers United - Map Announcement!!

    BE THERE - Sunday 26th February 2012 from 3.30pm – 8.00pm AEDST

    You will have 5 hours to play 5 maps & vote for your favourite!

    At 8.30pm AEDST the top 2 most popular maps, as voted by you, will feature in an exhibition match between 2 of OZFortresses OWL 6 Div 1 heroes!

    Introducing the Maps & the Geniuses that created them;

    cp_bazillion – Arnold
    cp_croissant – Arnold
    pl_escarpement – Aly
    cp_konkreet – HoneyMustard
    cp_upland - HoneyMustard

    Check out the links to the maps!!

    You will be able to play these maps for as long as you like as much as you like!! We will have a map pack ready for you all a few days before the Exhibition so you can get the full 5 hours of gaming in!!

    Exhibition match will have STV for you to see the maps in competition action & you will be able to listen to a live cast from Greaver – meet the map makers LIVE!!

    Server, STV & Mumble details to come!!

    GAME ON!!
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    Default Re: Gamers United - Map Announcement!!

    Looks to be intersting, cant wait for the Greaver cast!

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    Default Re: Gamers United - Map Announcement!!

    Get a jump on the event & download the MAP PACK our friendly data monkeys whipped up for us!!

    Don't forget - you will have 5 hours to play & vote for your favourite!!

    Each map will have it's own dedicated server.

    The top 2 maps will be played in a Feature Match!

    Who will play?

    Many thanks to BETA & SQL who will be putting on a show for us!!

    Make sure you check out the live match at 8.30pm AEDST

    Keep an eye out for the server details...
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